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Engineered or Floating Timber Floors

Floating Timber Floors

We provide floating timber floors to Melbourne properties, which are fast becoming a widely-used alternative to traditional solid products. This is because they are more affordable, take less time to install, require less maintenance and consume less natural timber products. However, they accomplish all this while providing a genuine timber aesthetic.

Boards generally tend to be around 1.8 metres long, and their construction consists of three different timber layers bonded together. The surface layer (or veneer) is the only visible layer, and is typically constructed from high-quality hardwood. It’s about three to four millimetres thick, and can be made from various colours, styles and species of wood.

The veneer surface arrives finished with up to five stain-and-scratch resistant coating treatments – this means that you can walk on your floating timber floors as soon as they are installed.

These coatings also protect this product range against spills, staining and general wear and tear. The veneer layer is bonded to two lower layers of cross-ply, plantation-grade wood for strength and stability.

Laminate Floors

Laminate Floors

Laminate products are a new addition to the world of cheap timber flooring solutions, and are readily growing in popularity. This is because they resemble high-quality and cheap timber flooring to look at and walk upon, but have all the durability and strength benefits of laminate. They also avoid problems associated with natural wood products such as contraction, expansion, cupping and checking.

These laminate products are constructed of High Density Fibreboard with a high-quality imitation timber layer and protective laminate as the top surface. This gives these products a more uniform look, as they do not have the imperfections and variations found in natural wood.

Bamboo Floors

Floating Timber Floors

Bamboo – better than timber?

Bamboo floors are another relatively new entrant into the timber flooring market, and are popular for their versatility, strength and sustainability.

Embelton Bamboo, regarded as the highest quality affordable bamboo floor in Australia, is manufactured using the strand woven technique, resulting in greater density and stability. Bamboo is also the most environmentally friendly choice, as it re-grows much quicker than timber.

Embelton Bamboo Flooring is pre-coated with 7 coats of UV Acrylic to give it a beautiful finish, and extra durability, and comes in Natural, Coffee and Tiger.

The floor uses the Unilin clicking system, meaning it can be installed and walked upon straight away.