Direct From Warehouse To Your House


New carpet can provide a fantastic facelift for your home.

Installation will generally only take one day and have a visual effect equal to your home being painted throughout.

Most often re-carpeting your home will be cheaper than re-painting it.

Where as painting costs are more labour than material and if you have the patience, time and ability, something you can do yourself.

Carpet costs are usually more materials than labour and the installation not something that your average home handyman is able to do properly.

When you get a professional quote, the measurer should draw up your entire house and in planning the carpet, indicate to you where they will place the joins.

Most carpet rolls are 3.66 metres wide and therefore some smaller rooms may have offcut, whilst larger rooms may require a fill down the side.

Carpet planning and installations should be done in accordance Australian Standards

A ready reckoner for how much carpet needed for your house, is to calculate the nett square metres and then add about 10% for wastage. This simple formula seems to be close on most homes.

A guide to how much new carpet will cost is as follows:

Supply only Carpet

Prices range from $17.90m2 Gran Torino Polypropylene Loop Pile with 10 year Manufacturer’s wear warranty. See following link:

To $39.80m2 Dream Shadows Luxury Twist Pile 100% Solution Dyed Nylon ACCS Rating Domestic Extra Heavy Duty (6 Star) Manufacturer’s warranty 15 years. See following link

There are of course many carpets available that fall between these two products.

Installation Costs

Install new carpet price is normally $11.90m2 with a quality 10mm underlay included.

This price is based on a clean subfloor that requires no floor preparation.

Uplift and disposal of existing carpet $4.40m2 (many customers remove carpet themselves)

Installation of carpet to a normal staircase about $330.00

Furniture moving can be costed upon inspection, but most often the customer moves their own furniture prior to the installation.

Sample House Prices (As at 18/7/19)

Lounge 6.2m x 4.1m, Bedroom 1  4.8m x 3.6m, WIR 1.8m x 1.8m, Bedroom 2 3.8m x 3.3m and Bedroom 3 3.4m x 3.4m. This house would require between 75m2 and 77m2 of carpet.

At 77m2 a laid price for Gran Torino would be $2294.00 and Dream Shadows $3980.00