Why People Love Bamboo Flooring

bamboo floor melbourneFor thousands of years, bamboo has been a favourite material in the building of homes.  In many parts of Asia, particularly in the rural areas, you will still find houses with bamboo walls and floors.  These traditionally-crafted buildings are surprisingly comfortable despite their simplicity, largely because the materials and methods used in building are eminently suited to the climate.  However, these days bamboo flooring in Melbourne isn’t just something you’ll find in a hut set in the midst of green rice paddies.

Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice even among people who live continents away from Asia.  People seem to have fallen in love with the concept of using bamboo floors even in the most modern urban settings.

The first and most obvious reason why bamboo floor in melbourne  is becoming so popular is its distinctive appearance.  Bamboo comes in a variety of shades and hues, and also presents a very pleasing pattern created by the alternating banded pattern that is naturally produced by its nodes.  The process of carbonization makes it possible to obtain bamboo in light, natural and dark shades.

Different kinds of wood stains and varnishes can also be used to make it the desired color.  Bamboo floors will suit all kinds of design schemes.  They’re eminently suited to a tropical or Zen-inspired interior, but they will also work for an ultra-modern theme or one that incorporates some vintage colonial elements.

Of course, bamboo flooring isn’t just pretty – it’s also a practical choice in terms of function. Although bamboo is technically a grass rather than a kind of tree, it’s a very tough building material.  As a matter of fact, it can be a smarter choice than many expensive hardwoods.  The story of the hardwood tree and the bamboo is popular in many Asian cultures; it tells of how the bamboo was able to withstand the fury of a storm by bending before the wind, while the hardwood tree resisted and eventually succumbed.

Indeed, one of the best things about bamboo is its resilience, as it can take heavy impacts without denting.  In addition, bamboo is also moisture resistant and less likely to warp and stain.  Because the bamboo grows in tropical regions where the climate alternates between being oppressively damp and scorching hot, it is less susceptible to damage from wetness and heat.  This means bamboo floor isn’t just for your living room.  It’s also a viable choice for your kitchen and even bathroom areas.

Finally, bamboo is one of the favourite flooring materials in use today because it is so environment-friendly.  Being a natural product, it’s biodegradable.  And because it is a grass, it grows so much faster than hardwood trees.

While a hardwood can take decades to reach maturity, it only takes a bamboo five years before it can be harvested for use in building with the same plant growing shoots and being used over and over again.  This makes bamboo a cheap and easily renewable resource with all the benefits of hard wood.

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