Things To Know About Bamboo Flooring

Tiger Bamboo Flooring in Melbourne, AustraliaContrary to what most people think, installing bamboo floor is not that difficult. As a matter of fact, just like installing laminate flooring or carpet tiles in your home, you can do the installation without really requiring professional help. So, what is the best way to install these bamboo floors in Melbourne? Is there really a proper way to install these floors?


Bamboo floors are a pretty good option for just about type of home interior. If you are planning to have this floor in your entire space, you can actually install it using a direct stick, AcouBond system, plank on ply, joists/battens and floating. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages which is why you need to weight them down before you utilize any of them.

Bamboo flooring in Melbourne is a pretty popular option especially for those homeowners who want to have a sturdy floor in their entire structure. One of the most commonly used methods of installing these bamboo floors is direct stick. So that these floors won’t produce clank of footsteps, boards are actually directly glued to the sub floor. There is usually a certain type of adhesive used for this type of installation. Try not to avoid using non-elastic adhesives for this may result in stress put on the boards. The use of direct stick when installing these floors will produce a very sturdy and stable bond. Subsequently, it would stop the boards from moving too easily and this is one thing you need to ensure during the installation process.

Another type of installation method used with bamboo flooring in Melbourne is installing them as a floating floor. Instead of directly attaching the boards to the sub floor, they are glued along the tongue of the board, therefore making them appear as if they are floating.

Bamboo floors can also be installed also using the plank on ply method. Regarded as a superior method of affixing bamboo floors, this technique uses 12mm sheets of plywood that are firmly attached onto the sub floor. What makes this method very ideal is that it evens out floor undulations, giving the installer an easy surface to nail down the timber. Also, this type of method would help protect the floor against concrete slab as well as moisture.

In order to overcome the problem of impact noise, another type of installation was developed in Europe- acoubond. In Australia, it is required that solid floors in high areas should be installed using sound absorption systems. During the installation process, the bamboo boards are placed on top of a 5mm foam mat which has cut out slots to be used during the application of the triangular beads. As compared to direct stick method, this type of installation technique produces more noise and is not that durable as compared to the former. While such is the case, it actually improves walking comfort and mitigates some surface flaws.

Joists or battens are one traditional way of installing bamboo floorings in homes and offices. During the process, bamboo boards are nailed to the Battens. Although it is not really popular among bamboo floors, it is considered safe and ideal to use.

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