Measure and Installation

You only buy floor coverings about every 10 years, so it is very difficult to know if you are picking the right quality for your home. The choices seem endless, should I choose plush, twist or loop pile? Which fibre is best for me? Wool, wool blend, nylon, polyester or a polymer made from natural corn sugar. What about timber, bamboo or laminate floors?

You need expert advice when choosing Floor Covering’s for your home. Carpet Melbourne Direct Measurers have real expertise and can show you how to pick good quality floor coverings using the independent grading schemes.

Don’t make the mistake of picking your carpet colour and style or timber species without seeing samples on site.

We bring samples from our extensive Floor Covering range to your home and help you find one best suited to your needs and budget.

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Once you find the right floor covering we will draw a scale plan onsite, plan the job in accordance with Australian Standards and discuss join options with you.

Joins in the wrong places may not only look bad but also can also be potential wear areas. In the future you may have to replace your whole carpet area for just a few small wear spots. If possible they should be placed away from windows where falling light could show them up, and they also shouldn’t be in high-traffic walkways such as corridors.

Floor covering is “manufactured” in your home, so the installation is critical. A poor installation will mean a poorly finished product, even if you paid for high quality flooring. That’s why professional, trained, experienced installers who care are critical.

Carpet must be laid in accordance with Australian Standards and should be backed up with a comprehensive installation guarantee.

Carpet Melbourne Direct’s Lifetime Warranty on installation workmanship, will give you peace of mind.

Our layers take great pride in their work. We want your home to look so beautiful that your friends and family will want a quote for their homes.