Carpet Tiles

What is a Carpet Tile?

Carpet tiles are made from stiff-backed carpeting materials. Because of the fact that it is easier to replace than that of an entire carpet, a lot of people prefer to have this type of flooring both in their residential homes and commercial environments. These carpet squares can withstand extremely high traffic. They are uniformly manufactured as square sections that are 18×18 inches in size. Carpet tiles that are sold in the market come with either both adhesive or non adhesive backs. >>> Learn More <<<

What is the Function of a Carpet Tile?

Carpet tiles are user-friendly – they can be installed in a room with much less complexity. When used in commercial environments, the backing system of these tiles is expected to withstand more abuse than normal. Because of its convenient size, you can use this type of flooring in areas that may likely require renovation in the future. In addition, carpet tiles are also used in covering in-floor trenches that house cable wirings.
This type of flooring is also highly resistant to water. In case of spills, the water will just remain on the surface and will never penetrate into the backing. For its maintenance, these tiles can be flooded with water, rinsed off and dried with total ease. You won’t have to worry about the installation process because carpet tiles are very easy to set up.

Where to Use Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles can be used almost everywhere. Many homeowners used them to cover floor surfaces such as in offices, hotels and other commercial environments. This type of flooring can also be installed as an alternative to small area rugs. They can be installed in nursery rooms or children’s playroom where security and safety are most needed.

Product Care

Carpet tiles require thorough cleaning. Instead of using chemicals in removing dirt and dust, you must use clean hot water. In case of spillage, mild acid such as household white vinegar is more ideal to use. Simply dilute the vinegar with clean water and daub the spot using a clean towel. After the stain has been removed, thoroughly wash the affected area with water in order to remove any residue.
Commercial Quality Carpet Tiles

Commercial Quality Carpet Tiles

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